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Wyświetlanie postów z 2014

Cygnar Warcaster Journeyman

Hello guys, so this is my first ever painted Warmachine miniature for the Cygnar fraction. I do love the quality of this model and the amount of detail one can find on it. I have been working on it for the last couple of days trying to do my best with the painting. It is also my first attempt with the blue colours. I think they look ok, but I am not pleased with the bronze parts. Gehenna's gold paint I was going to use as the third colour turned out to be useless.  Anyway, I hope you like the results.

Skaven Packmasters

Hello guys, so today I want to share some images of the packmasters that I have painted recently in addition to the giant rats and rat ogres. I hope you will like them. Enjoy :-)

More Rat Ogres

So I have managed to find some time during the last few days and decided to paint the last two rat ogres in my collection. Here are the results. I decided to paint a one more layer of highlight but I believe that the paint was not diluted enough. Anyway, here are the results. Enjoy!

Small update...

Hello all, so I have updated the Skaven page a little bit in order to help you navigate through the blog. I have also found some spelling mistakes but they are long gone now. As have probably noticed there is a new subpage on the bar labeled Warmachine. I am slowly getting into the game by Privateer Press . I did some research and I know there are people playing in my city so I said why not? I was also getting tired by my really slow progress in painting my Skavens... so far I have managed to paint 40 clan rats, 20 plague monks, 10 giant rats, a rat ogre, 2 pack masters, a warlord and the doom-flayer. Still there is the Island of Blood, 20 clan rats, Hell Pit Abo, Warp-lightning Cannon and the Doom Wheel plus two lords waiting for the paint and brush to take care of them. With my pace it will take half a year to finish them all. I am not in a hurry but still it makes me a bit frustrated that there are like about 70+ models to paint. Plus I expect the new Skaven kits by the end of the


Hi guys, I have finally managed to finish the Doom-Flayer that I have been writing about some time ago. I am not happy with the model thou. The resin cast was awful and I got discouraged during the painting because of that. Anyway, here it is. Try to enjoy :)

WIP Skaven Doom-Flayer

Hello guys, so I have been working with the Skaven Doom Flyer for two days now and I still did not manage to finish clearing the resin. What is more, I have cut my thumb badly a few times thanks to the delicate parts I had to clear with my hobby knife. Anyway, I know that GW would probably send me a new model if only I have the will to write to them, but... First of all, it is a present from my soon to be wife that she had brought from London last year and second of all, when I first opened the box I did not see the big miscast this whole miniature is. So I have started my struggle... In this picture you can see that one half of the miniature is higher than the second one. No idea what to do with this. I think I will just leave it here. The same problem occurred with the main wheel mechanism but there one just had to use the knife a lot since it will be mostly hidden anyway.

Skaven Warlord

Hello guys, Skaven Warlord is done. So hopefully enjoy the pictures. I am especially happy with how the dwarf's beard came out.

Skaven Rat Ogre

Hi guys, just a few pictures of my finished Rat Ogre from the Battalion. WIP on a Warlord now.

Skaven Poison Wind Globadier

Hello, just wanted to post some pictures of my freshly painted Posion Wind Globadier. So, here they are:

Giant Rats and brushes

Hello, after a while I have finally managed to finish the giant rats from the old GW metal line (mine were dated 2003). I must admit that they were fun to paint and are also bigger than their plastic counterparts that I have painted a year ago or so (I need to publish the pics along with the pack masters) So, here are the pics and below you will find some info about how I have painted them and some small advert of new brushes from Poland available at

Plague Monks Unit

Hello, as promised, even earlier, I present some photos of the Plague Monks I have been painting for some time now. I have finally managed to finish a whole 20 monks strong unit. Enjoy and feel free to comment.  

Warhammer not fancy anymore (?) plus a Spray Gun

Hello, I just wanted to post a small update on the status of my work and an interesting message that popped up at the Bell of Lost Souls website. So let's begin. First of all, I am finishing the work on the last five plague monks and pictures of the whole 20 rats strong units are coming soon. Probably on Monday.  I have also bought a Citadel Spray Gun and it should be here soon. I cannot wait to test it on some new painting projects. Anyone used it before and willing to share his thoughts on it?

Plague Monks Standard Bearer

Hello, just wanted to show you my freshly painted plague monks standard bearer. I tried a freehand on the banner itself and I am quite satisfied since it is my first freehand attempt. It was supposed to be a Clan Feesik banner as depicted in the Uniforms & Heraldry of the Skaven that can be found on page 60 of the book. Let's assume it is the same thing, but I would appreciate some tips on painting jaggy lines of the sign. On, a side note. With another five plague monks complete only five more are to be painted in the near future which means a unit picture coming soon. Enjoy!

"New" GW magazines

Hello, I wanted to write some stuff on the new GW magazines for some time now but I have decided to give them a one running time, especially the White Dwarf. So what do we get from the new titles? Basically, we have the old White Dwarf divided into two halves. One deals with quality pictures and the second one features actual articles and thoughts of the GW WD team plus some new stuff like the column on the use of tyranids or gluing stuff together.

Work in progress...

Więcej Mnichów...

Cześć, dzisiaj udało mi się w końcu dokończyć malowanie partii pięciu mnichów, którą zacząłem jakiś czas temu. Poprzednie zdjęcia i schemat kolorów dostępne tutaj .

More Plague Monks

Hello, today I have finally managed to finish painting another batch of five more Plague Monks that I have started a while ago. Previous pictures and the paint scheme can be seen here .

Zapowiedzi i domsły

O figurkach miało być inaczej, ale chyba jednak nie będzie. Do sieci dostały się informacje o terminach i cenach najnowszych produktów Games Workshop. Informacje te można znaleźć czy to na Bell of Lost Souls czy też na blogu The Fraying Paintbrush Petera Harrisona. Bardziej zainteresowanym polecam wejść na podane strony i się przekonać co i jak, gdyż tutaj w mniejszym lub większym skrócie.

My thoughts on the GW changes

I did not use to care about the company which manufactures the figures that I buy. The world of Warhammer was in the scope of my interests since I remember. Games Workshop always represented a certain high standard of quality for me despite the fact that their products did not represent the beauty standard of other available products out there. Still, GW is here and other companies and their game systems are not.

GW przechodzi więcej zmian...

Normalnie jakoś nie interesowałem się zazwyczaj firmą samą w sobie, której figurki kupuję, a jak nie da się nie zauważyć jest to Games Workshop. Jak już kiedyś pisałem świat Warhammera interesował mnie od kiedy interesuję się fantastyką, a jeszcze wcześniej interesowała mnie Magia i Miecz (właściwie nadal mnie interesuje). Na pudełku oprócz ś.p. polskiego wydawcy było również widoczne logo nie do podrobienia. Logo Games Workshop. Cokolwiek i ktokolwiek by o tym nie myślał, dla mnie zawsze była to dobra marka chociaż nie zawsze ich figurki spełniały standardy piękna w porównaniu do innych systemów, których już nie ma, lub co jakiś czas ktoś próbuje je reanimować. Zazwyczaj bez skutku.

White Dwarf... już nie

Nie da się ukryć, że wiadomości o zmianach nadchodzących we flagowym czasopiśmie Games Workshop, (dla niewtajemniczonych White Dwarf ) zbliżały się powoli i od pewnego czasu się o nich słyszało. Oto dwa najświeższe linki dotyczące sprawy zanim stała się oficjalna: wiadomości z Beasts of War oraz z Bell of Lost Souls W sumie jak spojrzeć na dzisiejsze informacje z White Dwarf Daily to prawie wszystko, jak nie wszystkie przewidywania się sprawdziły. No, więc

White Dwarf... is no more.

One cannot hide that the news about changes in the Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine were closing and that rumors could be heard from time to time. Here are links concerning the case in question before the rumors became facts: one from Beasts of War and the second from Bell of Lost Souls When one looks at the info from White Dwarf Daily everything that was suspected becomes reality.

Plague Monks

Stało się. Pomalowałem w rekordowym jak na siebie tempie pięc Plague Monków, o których pisałem kilka dni wcześniej. Muszę przyznać, że mnisi sprawili mi więcej radochy niż clan raty, ale to wiąże się zapewne z ilością detali i ciekawszym wyglądem tych figurek. Co do samych kolorów to poszedłem w klasykę i pomalowałem figurki w odcieniach zieleni. Nie jestem do końca zadowolony z wyglądu spaczenia, ale nie od razu Rzym zbudowano i jak wiadomo każdy się uczy.

Nowy rok, nowe malowanie...

  Ostatnio przechwalałem się tym co dostało mi się pod choinkę od Świętego Mikołaja. Z prezentem wiązał się mały problem decyzyjny, który zgodnie z obietnicą się rozwiązał do dnia 2 stycznia. Postanowiłem odpuścić sobie troszkę jednak Warhammera 40k chociaż bardzo mnie kusiło, żeby wtopić się w reali przyszłości. Pokusa jednak została odparta. Nie mogłem porzucić swoich Skavenów, które powoli naprawdę zaczynają rosnąć w siłę.