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Wyświetlanie postów z sierpień, 2019

Desert Rats 1940-1942 Compass 1

Hello friends,  let's play Desert Rats 1940-1942 by Taktyka & Strategia. The game uses the Great Battles 1939-1945 system with one hex representing 5km of terrain. The game is played at at a scale ranging from company to as far as a division. Today I want to play the Compass 1 scenario which depicts the British, Indian and Australian attack on the Italians defending mostly around Sidi Barrani. The Italians start the game fortified. In reality they actually tried the static defense.  The map and the box All of the victory points locations Initial setup Turn 1 The British launch their attacks. Selby Battle Group goes for Maktila defended by 1st Libyan Division. Brits have some naval support in their favor. Around Nibeiwa the 7th Armored Division hits the Maletti Group while the 7 Royal Tank Regiment with the 4th Indian Division attack the positions occupied by the 2nd Libyan Division. To the West the Recon Regiment moved toward Sofafi in hope to capture it with

Team Yankee AMX Roland SAM Battery

Hello friends, so I got into Team Yankee recently and after putting some basecoats on all the models I bought.... I decided to slowly start painting them up to a playable standard. Here's my first 15mm attempt.