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Decision Games Khe Sahn 1968

Hello friends, so lately I picked up a copy of Decision Games' Khe Sahn 1968 solitaire game using the rules of the Cold War Blitz system . It's a small, simple yet entertaining game. The game's specific rules can be found here . If you want to know more about the battle itself you can for example watch this video: So, the game is set. I need to hold Khe Sahn Fire Base until the end of the game. Here we go... First turn I decide to play Fire Support card which costs me one turn but strengthens the firepower of my units in or adjacent to allied fire bases. The plan is to take out the Communist entrenchments around Khe Sahn. Entrenchments 689 and 471 our primary targets this turn. Well, it's my second play and I already see that the air strikes can be too powerful against OPFOR units. After the first round of air strikes I have managed to wipe out 4 enemy units while losing one step on one of the air strikes. Entrenchment 471 secured. After the gr