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Infinity Haqqislam Fiday

 Hello friends,  Haqqislam Fiday (“they who are willing to sacrifice”) is finally finished :) 2 more miniatures to go.  Enjoy!
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Infinity Haqqislam Bashi Bazouk

 Hello friends, finally managed to paint this Bashi Bazouk model for Infinity Haqqislam. One of the galaxy's scoundrels was fun to paint. 

Infinity Haqqislam Khawarij

 Hello friends,  another miniature painted from the Haqqislam Action Pack. This time it's a Khwarij. 

Infinity Haqqislam Zhayedan Intervetion Trooper

 Hello all,  the painting of my Haqqislam Action Box continues.

Infinity Haqqislam Al Fasid Heavy Infantry

 Hello all,  heavy Al Fasid infantry for Infinity. 

Infinity Haqqislam Ghulam Infantry

 Hello friends, something new on this blog shows up today and it's called Infinity. In the past I bought some stuff for this system but I didn't have time so I sold all of it. Recently I got myself the new N4 rules and the Haqqislam Action Pack plus the paint set since some of the paints included will be useful for Team Yankee and there's a free miniature included. Anyway, here are the first four Ghulam Infantry miniatures painted. Bases are from Micro Art Studio.

Team Yankee AMX-13 DCA AA

 Hello friends, quick and short drive into my Team Yankee French force. This time so anti-aircraft power. :)