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Ilyushin Il-28 Beagle 1:600 scale

Hello, some time has passed since I have painted planes for Airwar C21 or Missile Threat. The bomber is painted in the Egyptian Air Force scheme from the Yom Kippur War.
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Team Yankee French HOT Gazelle #2

 Hello friends,  second batch of HOT Gazelles for my French Team Yankee force is ready. Enjoy!

Team Yankee VAB Transport Platoon #2

 Hello Friends, my second platoon of VAB Transports is done.  Enjoy!

Greek Hoplites

Hello friends,  something different today. Some time ago Wargames Illustrated had a free sprue of Greek hoplites and I decided to paint them and give them to my friend who teaches history.  Here are some Spartan results.  

Infinity Haqqislam Tarik Mansuri

 Hello Friends,  Tarik Mansuri is finally finished. I did not touch him for like three weeks before finally calling him done. Enjoy!

Infinity Haqqislam Murabid Tuareg

 Hello Friends, please welcome the Murabid Tuareg Sniper ;) 

Infinity Haqqislam Fiday

 Hello friends,  Haqqislam Fiday (“they who are willing to sacrifice”) is finally finished :) 2 more miniatures to go.  Enjoy!