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Wyświetlanie postów z styczeń, 2017

Podsumowanie miesiąca styczeń 2017/ Summary January 2017

Cześć i czołem, czas na pierwsze w tym roku podsumowanie miesiąca w trakcie którego główny nacisk kładłem na Warmachine & Hordes, czyli nic nowego by się mogło wydawać. Zgodnie z noworocznymi zapowiedzami pojawiły się jednak wpisy zestawiające tygodniową działalność społeczności WM&H. W ciągu miesiąca udało mi się jeszcze coś pomalować, a ogólnie opublikować 8 postów łącznie z tym. Hello all, time for the first summary of the month this year. I have focused on Warmachine and Hordes, so nothing new so to say. However, as planned I started to post weekly chosen of the week from the WM&H community. I have also found some time to paint a bit. All in all, 8 posts, including this one showed up on the blog during January. Summary of the year 2016/Podsumowanie roku 2016  Warmachine Cygnar Thorn Warmachine & Hordes podsumowanie tygodnia #1/WM&H chosen of the week #1 Miniatures by Guild Painting Service   Warmachine & Hordes podsumowanie tygodni

Warmachine & Hordes podsumowanie tygodnia #4 / Warmachine & Hordes chosen of the week #4

Hello all, time for a new portion of chosen of the week from the Warmachine & Hordes community. Privateer Press News Eye of Truth Protectorate Heavy Warjack, Insider 1-24-2017 Uncharted in No Quarter, Insider 1-26-2017 painting Helios, well his "eye" actually, No Quarter #70 PP's newest bimonthly  Podcasts Combo Smite #143 Skorne Errata , Advanced Maneuvers  Turn Extension #24 The Second Coming of Skorne, Crippled System #187 Anti Una2 Teck , Chain Attack Dojo S2Ep31 Trenchers & Legend of Halaak (for Premium users only), TDH60M #64 Dallas vs your paintbrush with gues what ?! Dallas Kemp good stuff. Countercharge #9 Madrak1 they say Madrak1 is not bad. MoM's Podcast #297 jam packed with cool stuff, Painting with Menoth John #140 The alternative facts of Feora3 Fully Boosted #31 piece trading Battle Reports  Courage of Caspia Stryker3 vs Amon , Nemo3 vs Wurmwood , Nemo3 vs Magnus2 , WarRoomPL Lilith3 vs Haley3 (PL)

Warmachine Cygnar Storm Lances

Hello friends, long time no see. It took some time but I have finally managed to finish painting some Storm Lances for my Cygnar army. I am quite happy with how they came out, although I know this is not the best paint job. Still, they will look good on the battlefield. To be honest I just did not have a heart to sit on my ass and paint them the way I would want to. Anyway, please enjoy what you see :) Cześć i czołem, długo nic nie wrzucałem jeśli o malowanie chodzi, a bo od początku roku męczyłem się z ciężką kawalerią dla Cygnaru jaką są Storm Lances. Jestem całkiem zadowolony z rezultatów, chociaż wiem, że jakiś wyczyn malarski to to nie jest, ale mimo wszystko będą się całkiem przyjemnie prezentować na polu walki, a tak szczerze to nie miałem do nich serca przez co nie potrafiłem przysiąść do nich porządnie i pomalować bardziej hmmm finezyjnie. Tak czy siak mam nadzieję, że się Wam spodobają. 

Warmachine & Hordes podsumowanie tygodnia #3 / Warmachine & Hordes chosen of the week #3

Hello all, time for a new portion of chosen of the week from the Warmachine & Hordes community. The big news this week was the Skorne errata. Privateer Press News Insider 1-17-2017 Skorne Errata , 1-20-2017 Preview army boxes , Podcasts Crippled System #186 Theme Forces? ,  WarRoomPL Boxcars #4 Theme Forces , Privateer Press Primecast #40 , 4 Man Meta S2Ep2 ,  Combo Smite #142 Theme List Discussion , Moot Point #12 Will Pagani interview ,  Dark Guidance #16: No more Tiers theme force talk mainly,  Fully Boosted #29 Menoth Command book , #30 Southern Ontario Open and Skorne errata , TDH60M #63 Skorne errata and theme forces ,  MoM's Podcast #296 theme forces and Skorne errata ,  Chain Attack S2Ep.31 Menoth Book and Theme Forces , Battle Reports  Courage of Caspia Stryker3 vs Vlad2 , Nemo3 vs Amon , Nemo3 vs Issyria , Nemo3 vs Lylyth3 , Nemo3 vs Wurmwood , Nemo3 vs Wurmwood (rematch) , Lightning Shroud Nemo3 vs Doomshaper3 , Haley2 vs Wurmwood , Hal

Warmachine & Hordes podsumowanie tygodnia #2 / Warmachine & Hordes chosen of the week #2

Hello all, time for a new portion of chosen of the week from the Warmachine & Hordes community. Privateer Press News CONsider 09.01.2017 some info about Lock & Load 2017 Desert Hydra for Skorne  Protectorate of Menoth Command Book Feora, the Conquering Flame for Protectorate Insider 01.12.2017 Theme forces Insider 01.13.2017 Concept of Horgle the Anvil Podcasts Combo Smite:  #141 Retribution Tournament Discussion , Storm Chamber:  #13 N3mosode mainly Nemo, Muse on Minis: MoM's Podcast #293  various topics, MoM's Podcast #295 Protectorate book review, Chain Attack: Dojo S2Ep29 List Building for your weaknesses (for premium members only) Advanced Maneuvers Turn Extension #23 Expansions or Distractions  Beermachine - Episode #48 Beer and Warmachine? Why not?!  Moot Point #11 some tournament formats and Haley2 talk ,   Crippled System #185 Sho'Nuff   Fully Boosted #27 more errata , #28 Theme Forces (pre-release theory), Moosema

Warmachine & Hordes podsumowanie tygodnia #1/Warmachine & Hordes chosen of the week #1

Hello all, so we have a new year and we start with a new format on the blog that I have chosen to steal from Quidamcorvus. I am going to, once a week on Sundays, post about what happened during the week in the world of Warmachine and Hordes. The main focus will be probably on Podcasts, blog updates and PP news. At this point I would like to ask you kindly to add in your comments blogs or YouTube channels that you think I have omitted or don't know about and I will start looking at them. Privateer Press News Insider 03.01.2016 information about the upcoming Grind game that will published in No Quarter #70. Jacks meet sport. Podcasts   Boxcars #3 Polish WM&H podcasts. This time Marcin and Rafał talk about the newest errata. Moot Point #10 the Swedes talk about the errata, the King Maker's Army and present a Damiano vs Ragnor batrep Combosmite #140 Menoth Tournament List Discussion Fully Boosted #26  Cygnar and Legion spoilers, tournaments,  4 Man Met

Warmachine Cygnar Thorn UPDATED PICS

Hello all, today I would like to present you my newest addition to my Cygnar army, a light warjack called Thorn. He is a character warjack bonded with Victoria Haley which means that if he is a part of her battlegroup he gains some bonuses. In this case it means it can channel spells even if he is in melee combat. What is more, he is a great jack because of his set defense ability meaning that he gains a defense bonus while being charged and he has a defense bonus because of his shield. He can also disrupt jacks with is spear and does some cortex dmg while hitting with his shield. Plus if you channel a spell through him he can advance and he can do the same thing if an enemy attack misses him. What could you ask more? Cześć i czołem, dzisiaj mój najnowszy dodatek do Cygnaru. Thorn, czyli Cierń, lekki charakterny jack, który związany jest więzią z Victorią Haley co oznacza mniej więcej tyle, że jak jest w jej battlegroupie to może być przekaźnikiem czarów nawet, gdy jest związa

Podsumowanie roku 2016/Summary 2016

Hello all,  so the date is 01.01.2017 and we begin the year with a new summary. Yesterday, we got to know what I have managed to paint during December and today we will take a look at the whole past year! All in all, I have managed to post 121 post during 2016. This is quite a result taking into consideration the fact that throughout the 4 years of blogging I have posted 172 posts. Of course 2016 was special due to my participation in our 30-days blogging challenge during September but still the result is something I am proud of. As for the increase in content I would like to thank all of the visitors but especially Marian from Maniexite, Bartek form ShadowGrey, Michał from DwarfCrypt, Dominik from KostkaDomina, QuidamCorvus, TheFantasyHammer and last but not least Phil R. Thanks to your ongoing support I found the strength and will to push on! The blog statistics also increased during this year. These might be small numbers compared to some of you gals and boys but first Male