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Wyświetlanie postów z listopad, 2020

Dassault Super Mystère B2 1/600 scale

 Hello friends,  I continue to work on my 1/600 airplanes. I have managed to paint 4 more planes for the Israeli Air Force in their camouflage adopted after the Six Days War. I have tried to paint the planes belonging to the 105th Scorpion Squadron of the IAF, yet without the large yellow identification panels on the wings. Models manufactured by Tumbling Dice  Decals from Flight Dech Decals

Dassault Mirage III 1/600 scale

 Hello friends,  lately I have been undertaking a foray into some smaller scales and air combat during the numerous Cold War era conflicts. First up are some Arab-Israeli Wars. I got some planes from Tumbling Dice  including Dessault Mirage III planes used by the Israeli Air Force. They come in a pack of 4. Here's my take at the 119th squadron "The Bat". The decals come from Flight Deck Decals and I must say they are damn good.

Missiles 1/600 scale

 Hello friend, Today some missiles for the 1/600 scale Missile Threat or Airwar C21 games. I made 10 of them from pipe cleaners.