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Wyświetlanie postów z 2015

Merry Christmas/Wesołych Świąt

Hello, so once again we meet this special time of year which is Christmas. I am not going to write much about it. I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cześć, kolejny rok kolejne Święta. Nie będę się rozpisywał. Po prostu Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! Miałem zrobić jakieś małe podsumowanie mijającego roku. Cóż, chyba nie jestem w tym najlepszy, ale spróbuję. Malowania jakoś strasznie nie przybyło. Liczba postów nawet mniejsza, ale wydaje mi się jak przeglądam wszystko do tyłu, że poprawiła się jakość. Nigdy nie byłem dobry w malowaniu, ale mnie to odpręża. Czasem uda mi się namalować coś lepiej niż zwykle. Jest jednak progres i to mnie cieszy. Dużą inspiracją były prace Michała z DwarfCrypt za co wielkie dzięki. Plany na najbliższy rok to skończenie Cygnarków do Warmachine. Planuję również maznąć Mroczne Anioły z DV i pomalować starter do BOLT Action. Po drodze pewnie jeszcze coś się trafi :-) Materiał na najbliższy czas to Albert Malich

Cygnar Field Mechaniks

Hello, long time no see. So, I did not have much time lately but still managed to get this little buggers painted for my Cygnar force. Enjoy watching them as I enjoyed painting the gobbers!

Warmachine Cygnar Squire

Hello,  what a small and a fun to paint figure the Squire had been. Enjoy!

Skaven Doomwheel

Hello all, today I want to show you my finished Doomwheel for my Clan Feesik Skaven army. I am quite happy with the result. As always feel free to comment.

Work in progress Skaven Doomwheel

Hello, I came back from vacation and had some spare time to continue painting the Doomwheel for my Skaven army. Enjoy :)

Warmachine Cygnar Classic Defender

Hello all, today I want to show you some pictures of my Classic Defender for the Cygnar faction in Warmachine. Sadly, the cast was not one of a good quality and frankly I did not enjoy painting the model. Anyway, enjoy!

Lord Skrolk

Hello, so I have been having some more hobby time lately and thus managed to paint the dreaded Lord Skrolk for my Skaven army. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Commander Coleman Stryker

Hello, long time no see. Today I want to show you my finished warcaster for Cygnar, Commander Coleman Stryker who can be found it the Cygnar faction starter kit or bought separately. Enjoy the pictures.

Cygnar Ironclad

Hello, so today I have managed to finish the Cygnar Ironclad that got mentioned in the previous post. Enjoy the pics and as usual feel free to comment.

Some Warmachine WIP

Hello everyone, so I have been real life busy lately and did not have the time to get into the hobby properly. However, I did manage to start work on my Cygnar Ironclad for Warmachine. You can see the results below. It is obviously a WIP with only the basecoats applied on the mini. I will apply the washes today late in the evening. Cygnar Ironclad I have also added a link to my Twitter. Most tweets are in Polish but the ones related to minis will appear in English.

Finished Clanrats

Took a while :-)

Clanrats update no 3

Hello all, long time no posts :-) I recently did not have much time to paint but I did manage to spare some and did wash the clanrats and put some highlights on the skin. Sadly the pics as usual are not of the best quality :) I need to get a good camera.

Reaper Miniatures Angel of Mercy

Hello, so I have finished. In overall I am pleased with the final result. I am not quite happy with the face... I did repaint it like four times and still could not get it right. Anyway, enjoy folks.

Reaper Miniatures Angel of Mercy basecoats

Hello all, I have managed to basecoat the Angel of Mercy from last post today. Some minor adjustments are required but sadly not today. Enjoy.

Painting painting and.... painting

Hello all, so I did not quite have the time to paint during the last two weeks but still I managed to progress a bit. The horde is fully assembled by now and basecoated. I believe that I will be able to finish them by the end of the week and if not I will by the end of the month. I also had my friend asking me to paint an angel for her so I went for the Reaper Miniatures Angel of Mercy . I really like the sculpt and the weight of it. Feels solid. I have prepared the model and primed it white. I do not have to be quick about it. Plus since it is my first model that someone asks me to paint I will definitely take it slow. 

Small Update

Hello, so I progress somewhat on all of my plans from the last post . So far I have managed to rebase my plague monks. I used a hobby knife to cut them off from the base. At some point they just popped out of place. I have glued them back. I now need to glue back some of the hands that I plan to reposition and I believe I will in the near future highlight them a bit.  When it comes to the 20 clanrats I am painting... I did find some time to basecoat but I did not paint all the elements. Hopefully, next week will bring more progress. Old clanrats got their eyes repainted.

Upcoming painting

So I have managed to base and prime 20 clanrats yesterday evening. I hope to finish painting them in the next few days. I also want to do a better paint job on the clanrats painted before. Then need a lot of additional work especially with the eyes and skin, not to mention the red cloth. Another thing is rebasing and adding an additional layer to the plague monks. Work begins in the afternoon.

Hasslefree Miniatures Gayle

Hello, so today something a bit different. Gayle from the Hasslefree Miniatures range. A nice and at the same time inexpensive way to practice painting flesh especially if you are a beginner like I am. Of course I understand that not everyone is interested in this kind of stuff. Anyways, enjoy. :-)

Warmachine Cygnar Charger

Hello, today I want to show you some pictures of my newly painted Warmachine Cygnar Charger. It has a very similar look to the previously painted Lancer , but according to the fluff both warjacks were developed on the same chassis. On a side note this particular model had a bit of a worse cast with a few flaws. The biggest ones were the screw head on the right front armour plate and the boiler connection on the left shoulder. On a side note, the second  defect was also present with the Lancer jack. As we can see here the weapon options are a bit different. I hope you enjoy this work. As always feel free to comment.  

Spellcrow's Valentines Special

Hi guys, so today I want to show you something special. It is a Dwarf and Goblin Valentines Day Special by Spellcrow . It will be enclosed in a small plastic cube used for presenting minerals. I do have to say that I have fallen in love with Spellcrow's miniatures. I am seriously starting to think about buying more from them. Time will tell. Here is the mini. Enjoy!

Warmachine Cygnar Lancer

Hello guys, I have been quite busy lately with painting and thus I want to share with you the outcome. I am torn lately between my Skaven army in the constant building and the Warmchine Cygnar army that I have only started recently. Today's treat is a Cygnar Lancer jack. For the blue parts I have used a base of Macragge Blue and then I went for Alaitoc Blue for the highlights on the hull the after a Drakenhof Nightshade wash. I did not wanr to go three colours up with this one. Copper parts are painted with Screaming Bell with a wash of Agrax Earthshade and highlights of Gehenna's Gold (I do have trouble with this paints - second pot and the paint is really dry). With the metal parts I went for the classic combination of Boltgun Metal - Nuln Oil - Chainmail highlights. Enjoy....

Warplightning Cannon

Hi guys, today I want to show you the Warplightning Cannon that I have been building for some time now. Due to some free time connected to sickness I finally had a chance to finish it. Here are the results. I used some advice that you can find on The Chattering Horde blog by +Oliver Bayley I have also tried to paint some rust but I am not quite happy with the results. Anyway, you can find the pictures below. Enjoy and feel free to comment.