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Wyświetlanie postów z sierpień, 2014

Small update...

Hello all, so I have updated the Skaven page a little bit in order to help you navigate through the blog. I have also found some spelling mistakes but they are long gone now. As have probably noticed there is a new subpage on the bar labeled Warmachine. I am slowly getting into the game by Privateer Press . I did some research and I know there are people playing in my city so I said why not? I was also getting tired by my really slow progress in painting my Skavens... so far I have managed to paint 40 clan rats, 20 plague monks, 10 giant rats, a rat ogre, 2 pack masters, a warlord and the doom-flayer. Still there is the Island of Blood, 20 clan rats, Hell Pit Abo, Warp-lightning Cannon and the Doom Wheel plus two lords waiting for the paint and brush to take care of them. With my pace it will take half a year to finish them all. I am not in a hurry but still it makes me a bit frustrated that there are like about 70+ models to paint. Plus I expect the new Skaven kits by the end of the