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My thoughts on the GW changes

I did not use to care about the company which manufactures the figures that I buy. The world of Warhammer was in the scope of my interests since I remember. Games Workshop always represented a certain high standard of quality for me despite the fact that their products did not represent the beauty standard of other available products out there. Still, GW is here and other companies and their game systems are not.

Back in the days I was not interested in the financial status of the company that I like so much. Now, when I am a bit older, a double graduate, working for a couple of years, I tend to look at this things from a different perspective. The miniature hobbyists community is like a melting pot for some time thanks to the changes and rumors concerning Games Workshop. I myself am a young, inexperienced painter. Yet, I am happy with my work but surely a day will come that I will hide my first figures from the daylight. However, I still wanted to share my opinion on two things that the Internet discussion boards readers are bragging about for some time now.
1)      The Prices
One cannot hide that prices of GW products increased dramatically. People interested in the topic talk about it almost everywhere and what is more, they are irritated. I agree with my fellow hobbyists. Of course, a global company like GW can set the prices of their products at any rate they wish including the shareholders expectations. However, looking at the 25% drop of revenue compared to the previous year the increased pricing policy does not seem to work. According to a pool on Beasts of War 48% of voters recommends a change of the senior management. In another pool on Bell of Lost Souls 46,61% of voters thinks that a 20% drop in prices would do the job. I voted for 10%. How did you vote?
2)      Changes
A lot happens on the Games Workshop scene. I am not going to dwell into the White Dwarf topic since I have already did this here. So, according to the rumors we can expect a new GW web site. Since the old one has been here like forever I think it is a good change. I have only one wish: make it user friendly. Thank you. Another thing we can expect is GW/Forge World and Black Library sites merging into one huge über web site. It’s cool. Finally, one will hopefully be able to pay in zlotys for all products (earlier for example BL and FW sites did not accept payments in Polish currency). I just hope the FW and BL products will have their own tabs. Another thing is the fact that more shops will become single staff ones. No cons for the clients in this scenario. How can one person take care of customers, play games, paint at the same time? No idea. Budget cuts ladies and gentleman.
Are these things mentioned above important? In my opinion the prices are important for players. Are the prices making me sleepless? Nope, but one has to save more money to buy less stuff. Are other changes making me sleepless? Nope, and I hope others don’t have the problem too. After all, GW is responsible for introducing many people into the hobby and we need to be thankfull for that. Changes in the copmany’s image are a good thing from time to time. However, one thing makes not want to close my eyes. New starter kit for WHB 9th edition will arrive here this year. Poor wallet. What is more, Skaven are not on the list of new kits for 2014. That is all. Thanks and see you next time.


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