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Warmachine & Hordes Podsumowanie tygodnia #12 / Warmachine & Hordes chosen of the week #12

Hello all, time for a new portion of chosen of the week from the Warmachine & Hordes community.

Privateer Press News
  • Insider 3-22-17 CID and the future
  • Insider 3-23-17 CID and Steamroller
                      Cześć i czołem, czas na kolejne podsumowanie tygodnia Warmachine & Hordes.


                      Nowości od Privateer Press
                      • Insider 3-22-17 CID i przyszłość
                      • Insider 3-23-17 CID i Steamroller 


                                            Miniature of the week Madelyn Corbeau by Manroom Painter


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