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Warmachine & Hordes podsumowanie tygodnia #8 / Warmachine & Hordes chosen of the week #8

Hello all, time for a new portion of chosen of the week from the Warmachine & Hordes community.
Biggest issue of the week is Cygnar crying and preparing for Storm Lances nerf.

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                  Cześć i czołem, czas na kolejne podsumowanie tygodnia Warmachine & Hordes.
                  Najważniejsza sprawa tygodnia to płacz Cygnaru i przygotowania do nerfu Storm Lanc.

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                                  Miniature of the week Lylyth3 by Brian Cherrington


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                                  Hello all, today I would like to present you my newest addition to my Cygnar army, a light warjack called Thorn. He is a character warjack bonded with Victoria Haley which means that if he is a part of her battlegroup he gains some bonuses. In this case it means it can channel spells even if he is in melee combat. What is more, he is a great jack because of his set defense ability meaning that he gains a defense bonus while being charged and he has a defense bonus because of his shield. He can also disrupt jacks with is spear and does some cortex dmg while hitting with his shield. Plus if you channel a spell through him he can advance and he can do the same thing if an enemy attack misses him. What could you ask more?
                                  Cześć i czołem, dzisiaj mój najnowszy dodatek do Cygnaru. Thorn, czyli Cierń, lekki charakterny jack, który związany jest więzią z Victorią Haley co oznacza mniej więcej tyle, że jak jest w jej battlegroupie to może być przekaźnikiem czarów nawet, gdy jest związany walk…

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                                  so while working through some Menites I took a small break and painted this little gobber fellow named Reinholdt. He is a Mercenary character solo that I plan to use with my Cygnar army, hence the blue waistcoat. Enjoy and as usual if you like what you see come and visit

                                  Cześć i czołem,
                                  malując menociarzy znalazłem chwilę na pomalowanie tego sympatycznego gobberskiego koleżki o imieniu Reinholdt, który jest najemnym solosem. Planuję go wykorzystać w swoim Cygnarze stąd niebieska kamizelka. :)

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