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Wyświetlanie postów z lipiec, 2014


Hi guys,
I have finally managed to finish the Doom-Flayer that I have been writing about some time ago. I am not happy with the model thou. The resin cast was awful and I got discouraged during the painting because of that. Anyway, here it is. Try to enjoy :)

WIP Skaven Doom-Flayer

Hello guys,
so I have been working with the Skaven Doom Flyer for two days now and I still did not manage to finish clearing the resin. What is more, I have cut my thumb badly a few times thanks to the delicate parts I had to clear with my hobby knife. Anyway, I know that GW would probably send me a new model if only I have the will to write to them, but... First of all, it is a present from my soon to be wife that she had brought from London last year and second of all, when I first opened the box I did not see the big miscast this whole miniature is. So I have started my struggle...

Skaven Warlord

Hello guys,
Skaven Warlord is done. So hopefully enjoy the pictures. I am especially happy with how the dwarf's beard came out.

Skaven Rat Ogre

Hi guys,
just a few pictures of my finished Rat Ogre from the Battalion. WIP on a Warlord now.