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Warheim Madcap Shaman

Hello friends, I have painted another miniature for the Warheim Fantasy Skirmish game. This time a Madcap Shaman from Games Workshop. Painted him pink because why not?Enjoy.

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Warmachine Eilish Garrity the Occultist

Hello friends,cleaning of the back log continues with another long forgotten miniature painted. Eilish was an freebie with one of the last No Quarter magazines that Privateer Press used to publish. Cool miniature with one but big flaw. His face is a miscast. An arcanist, scholar, and experienced sellsword, Eilish Garrity of the Black River Irregulars mercenary company now walks a dangerous road to power. Those who confront him in battle discover that his scholarly demeanor belies his potent arcane skill—which some suggest was earned through nefarious means. He insists he is wielding his power for the greater good, though it seems a dark path he treads.Enjoy!

Warmachine Mercenaries Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorcerer

Hello friends,I have painted Lanyssa, she was sitting on the shelf for a while waiting for some color.  As for her fluff...
Lanyssa was a prodigal sorceress who proved just as adept with the magic of her people as she did fighting with a claymore in hand. She feels both fortunate and guilty for having been away from her homeland during the cataclysm invoked by Thagrosh's rise. Now, after facing the horror that is the Legion of Everblight, she has vowed to spend her power to annihilate this enemy.

Warheim Orc

Hello friends, as promised more Warheim stuff. This time we get an orc with a shield and grin. He is probably smiling because of the hand he managed to nail to his shield. The hand started to rot, but still makes the orc happy as a... 

Warheim Goblin Fanatic

Hello friends, long time has passed since we visited the Warheim FS miniatures but this will change in the upcoming months. First miniature up is this cute little focker with a ball strapped to a chain.

Team Yankee French 20mm Gazelle

Hello friends, so after a long time after being painted I managed to stick on the decals to the next 4 Gazelle helicopters which I have armed with a 20mm cannon. A small celebration with this post is that I have finished all my Team Yankee French models. :) 

Team Yankee Mirage 5 Hunting Patrol

Hello friends,
I have managed to paint four Mirage 5 supersonic attack aircrafts for Team Yankee French forces.