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Wyświetlanie postów z luty, 2014

Plague Monks Standard Bearer


just wanted to show you my freshly painted plague monks standard bearer. I tried a freehand on the banner itself and I am quite satisfied since it is my first freehand attempt. It was supposed to be a Clan Feesik banner as depicted in the Uniforms & Heraldry of the Skaven that can be found on page 60 of the book. Let's assume it is the same thing, but I would appreciate some tips on painting jaggy lines of the sign. On, a side note. With another five plague monks complete only five more are to be painted in the near future which means a unit picture coming soon. Enjoy!

"New" GW magazines

Hello, I wanted to write some stuff on the new GW magazines for some time now but I have decided to give them a one running time, especially the White Dwarf. So what do we get from the new titles? Basically, we have the old White Dwarf divided into two halves. One deals with quality pictures and the second one features actual articles and thoughts of the GW WD team plus some new stuff like the column on the use of tyranids or gluing stuff together.

Work in progress...

Więcej Mnichów...

Cześć, dzisiaj udało mi się w końcu dokończyć malowanie partii pięciu mnichów, którą zacząłem jakiś czas temu. Poprzednie zdjęcia i schemat kolorów dostępne tutaj.

More Plague Monks

Hello, today I have finally managed to finish painting another batch of five more Plague Monks that I have started a while ago. Previous pictures and the paint scheme can be seen here.