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Team Yankee VAB Transport Platoon

Hello friends,
more and more French forces are looking better and better with paint on them. This time I would like to show some transport units armed with 12.7mm heavy machine-guns.


  1. Great job on these VAB transports, especially the panel work on those wide, plat panels and hull sides. I have these in my LAV-25s and BTR-60s and I know how hard that is to pull off. I also like the detail on the MG turrets with the external ammo feeds, very similar to the .50 in the LVTP / AAVP-7 Marine Corps amphibious APCs. Lastly, I love the French tricolor on the sides, adds a great highlight of color on the miniature! :D

    1. Thank you :) I am really surprised that the 15mm scale can be so much fun to paint. You need to show some of your painted APCs!


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