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Empress Miniatures Marines Vietnam 1968

 Hello friends,

recently I got some Empress Miniatures Marines from the time of the Vietnam War. To be more precise from the Tet Offensive of 1968. I did try to paint them at my best but sadly this is not really seen on the pictures. After 45min of trying to catch the right camera adjustments I simply gave up. So, I only post one photo of these guys. I must say I love this miniatures and hope to paint more soon. 


  1. Amazing job on these minis, Piotr. Seriously, two of my favortite things, Vietnam and US Marines. The minis look great on the early-model M16s and the ammo bandoliers. And this might be a strange detail to notice, but that red-brown you have on the soil is PERFECT. I'm not an earth scientist, I don't know if this is like "Georgia mud" or something ... but the in all authentic images you see, Vietnam soil almost always seems to be this exact shade of red brown. So amazing work on the bases as well!

    1. Thanks Jim for the kind words. I really did a lot of research to match the colors of the uniform and various versions of webbing, bandoliers, breadpacks etc. Thankfully sun, usage and different versions of equipment being used can help to treat the topic with a pinch of salt. As for the bases I wanted to recreate the Vietnam soul so thanks for noticing this detail. 😉


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