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Summary of 2017

Hello friends,
so 2017 is over and I am back from Gdańsk so I finally have some time to write up the previous year and see what happened with Małe Figurkowo and maybe shed some light when it comes to 2018.

First of all,
the blog systematically changed the balance of painted miniatures throughout different systems towards Warmachine and Hordes by Privateer Press. It has been a conscious decision that I have pushing towards since 2016. What helped, were the weekly chosen of the week from the WMH community which helped me stay on track and add my token of gratitude towards the wonderful people that constitute this game. Here, I would like to thank Elros, Martini, Zamli and Lex for all the support in coaching me when it comes to trying to make a better player. MenothJohn for being a great sport and a pillar for all of us and Fryta for his tries when it comes to keeping the local meta alive. Yet, I would also like to thank all of you my readers, commenters and silent supporters. You keep this thing running.
Ok, so most of the year I have been painting Warmachine to be able to play with a fully painted army every time I field it. This of course complicates the amount of list combinations I can play with but meh this should be fun right? So apart from Warmachine I did paint a few Guild Ball models for my Butchers Team. The game itself is amazing and I seriously wish I could play it more.  During the summertime I did paint a complete company of orcs and goblins for Warheim tournament Mitterherbst but due to some work complications I could not take part in the tournament which is a shame.
The amount of people did not increase when it comes to visitors on the blog. The amount of people commenting decreased. There are two factors which I find that contribute to this state of things. Firstly, I do not have as much time as previously to visit and comment on other peoples' blogs and secondly the Warmachine and Hordes topic is not as popular as the Warhammer one which could have been observed when I posted Warheim stuff. The increase in comments and visits was quite big.
Social media came and went with me being active only on Facebook these days more or less. Thanks to #Beermachine Rich I posted some pics of #Beermachine on tour with different craft beers as the topic. Beer plus Warmahordes equals good times.
I have also started to cooperate with since I am sitting every Tuesday in our local gaming store Wrota playing games and waiting for new players to arrive and show them the game. After each meeting I am writing a short report with pictures.
I do think that my painting skills have improved a bit but sadly my photo skills do not show this. I will try to improve the quality of my pictures.
All in all, I have written 118 post in 2017 which is not bad. I hope to post as often as I can this year to keep up with the numbers and content. When it comes to plans for 2018 I do not know what will be painted apart from Warmachine and Hordes models but I seriously hope to finish Butchers and start start painting Blood Bowl.
See you on the blog and have a Happy New Year!


  1. One of my favourite polish blog!
    Happy New Year Michal, keep up the good work Pet! ;)

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Your painting is really looking great so keep it up! PwMJ is only now and again due mostly in part to my work schedule...but keep the faith and keep pointing folks to the places where awesome painting and hobby stuff is happening!

    1. Thank you John :) I will try to do my best and maybe one day I will be able to see the show live during the night :)


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